The trick on how to consciously respond rather then getting emotionaly engaged and react. Studies have shown the importance of learning emotional intelligence. 

eq can be learned by anyone


The best tool for you to give your kids is a high EQ 

Individual coaching

Life will not stop to impact how you respond to the impact can be learned

business coaching

Using EQ to communicat in a way that people can hear you

Definition of EQ

Emotional intelligence has been defined, by Peter Salovey and John Mayer, as "the ability to monitor one's own and other people's emotions".

Raising my kids I have witnessed, that most  emotions are learned, yet we normaly do not learn how to recognize and work with these emotions. We use them to manipulate our environemnt. we rather think they are part of our character.  But since we had to learn them in the first place, couldn't we also learn how to handle  them in a more compassionate way for ourself’s and our environment. My quest became, how to raise children with a high EQ, in the process of this I had to work on my own EQ, which is not allways easy but a heck of an adventure!

Bring back the FUN

 studies have shown that Emotional Intelligence is by far the single strongest predictor of future adult success in all aspects of life 

Here are just some of the characteristics of people with high emotional intelligence...

  • Curious and self-motivated
  • Cooperative, eager to contribute
  • Adapts easily to change
  • Happy and enthusiastic
  • High degree of self-esteem
  • Strong character, independent
  • Responsible and self-confident
  • Respectful and considerate
  • Great communication skills


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