The power of your business lies with your Employees

Communication is Key

How are we really communicating and more importantly how do people hear what we are saying?

Nobody else thinks exactly like you do!

Costly Missunderstanding

A main customer ≈ of on of my clients  was very upset, since my clients company did not deliver what the client understood was promissed. My client however deliverd everything he understood was agred on verbaly.

A very unpleasant meeting followed. The customer was enraged and let his emotions free range. We let him air,out and made him right, without necessaraly  agreeing, untill the steam was out.  From that point on we looked forward with him, how could we do better in the future. Both partys left happy and as partners again.

My client reframed from wanting to be right too and getting his point across, and therefor we could avoid a nasty power struggle that could have ended up in a termination of this business relationship.


how to tap into the EQ?

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