how to enjoy the way as much as getting to the goal

Noticing fixes more then Fixing

Individual coaching should be a birth right. It can be so refreshing to have someone form outside your usual environment  work with you in order to find out how to make your life more enjoyable.

Sometimes you cant see the forest because of all the trees. Well, looking from outside in, it is usually easy to see the path. 

The first step to a higher EQ is to notice how you react to differnt kinds of impact in live. This first step may be challenging, but it really is all you have to do, noticing and then after you noticed staying aware.  With enough curiousity , noticing can become quite an adventure.

As a coach my job is easy and fun, and believe me, whatever you are going through .... I probably have been there at some point in my life. So I am not a teacher, that has the answers, I am more like your coach who has a lot of questions and can trigger your curiosity in order to notice more and more.

Noticing something Positive

My client was doing her teachers education. With one of her professors she could absolutly not get along. Anything that professor did got on her nerves and therefore it was hard for her to learn anything.

We agreed that in her next teaching session, her job was to find something she could appreciate about this professor. She said it was really hard for her to find anything, but finally she could find some appreciation for the shoes her professor was wearing. She focused on the shoes and appreciated her quietly for wearing nice shoes. The result she said was amazing. After the other students left, the professor started a conversation with her and for the first time they could get along. The Ice was melted.

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