Testimonials about Mom has Fun

Feedback from a few of our many happy Mom Has Fun families:

"It's time Mom has fun and here is how. May everyone embrace these brilliant concepts!" 

Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator, #1 New York Times best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul

"To raise children without any advanced education in parenting is today almost impossible. In 80-90% of families the parents' training of the children is inadequate. That is the reason why I recommend the Mom Has Fun Parenting Method to all the parents in my practice. The method respects the children but also holds them accountable. The method instructs parents, simply but precisely, on how to discipline children without the use of punishment."

Dr Victor von Toenges
Paracelsus Klinik Lustmühle, Switzerland

"With Nicole's technology, I found that I could make more intelligent choices in raising my sons, along with allowing them to express their own, very outlandish, uniqueness, as they each discovered what their passion is. It is a very refreshing and loving technology that works for the entire family. Thank you, Nicole!"

Sally Dubel
Catering business owner and Mother, Beaver, Pennsylvania, USA

"I highly recommend the Mom Has Fun Parenting Method to all of my patients with children for sure, sometimes as a requirement during therapy, and to all the adults who still have parents, or to people who have close friends they'd like to have more fun with, well, also to couples who need to find out who's boss and why, or to someone who is looking for an interesting book to read that gives a different and very useful perspective on living and interacting with others in general. I've recommended it to attorneys too. Which means to say, I'd recommend it to anybody, even attorneys!"

Dr. Timothy Ray OMD LAc
Geissegga, Conters, i.P. Switzerland

"The Mom Has Fun Parenting Method is the only system I recommend to all my patients who have children. They later come back and tell me how happy and satisfied they are with the rapid positive results they see in their children. The whole family is happier after using these techniques."

Ivar Skjelbred
Doctor of Physical Therapy (USA), Osteopath DO, Schmerikon, Switzerland

"Nicole, I first came in contact with your work several years ago. I feel your philosophy can heal families and heal the world. I love that you point out the improvement from generation to generation.

I plan to embed a video from your website in my Gideon's River blog because it illustrates so well how my novel character Rosalie breaks through the history of "the bully and the wimp" in her family to reach her angry son Gideon.

Thanks so much for your work, for raising happy children, and for you presence on the planet."

Patricia Lapidus

"Wow! What a start to the Mom Has Fun Parenting home class! Great content, simple to use.
The awareness of how quickly my wife and I fly into emotion with our 4 year old son is unbelievable! My awareness has shifted so much. I find myself much less frustrated with him and I'm catching myself playing his game of "emotional tag" as I like to call it. It's getting much easier to be emotionally unattached to his stuff now.
And I'm only on the FIRST lesson!"

Dr. Eric Mintz,
Gateway Wellness Center, Bloomfield, Michigan, USA

"Since I have been using the Mom Has Fun Parenting Method, my relationship with my boys is so much more enjoyable. What a concept! I forgot to have fun being a mom!
Using this new parenting method has earned my family many compliments from people who are amazed and impressed with our interactions and teamwork."

Stephanie Ray
CEO of BioRay and Mother, New York, USA

I can’t imagine raising my own daughter any other way than with the Mom Has Fun Parenting Method. I also recommend it to my patients since it’s the best method I know for raising happy responsible respectful children. It’s one of the best investments I can recommend to parents.

Dr. Stuart Rysburger
Oxfordshire, United Kingdom 

"The Mom Has Fun Parenting Method is a golden treasure for anyone who has responsibility for others, including parents, teachers, nursery workers, coaches, caretakers, managers, etc. This simple and fun method gives you easy-to-learn techniques for holding children (and really anyone) accountable to the desired behavior, while bringing out their natural genius. The secret to its success is that mom and dad, teacher, nursery worker, et al, have fun in the process! What a remarkable idea!"

Dr. Paul Seitz
Houston, Texas, USA

"The lessons are a lot of fun. Since I have been using this method I am much more patient with my son. Our daily interactions are much smoother. Both sides know now what rules to apply. I hope to learn many more tools from you and of course, use those too."

Claudia Wäcken

Before I moved to New Zealand, I visited the home of a doctor there. I noticed how happy and cooperative their children were and how well everyone worked together as a team. I knew about the Mom Has Fun Parenting Method and asked if they were using it. They told me they had just started a few months prior! The results were so obvious, their kids were so pleasant to be around. I recommend it to all parents -- start with this method right away!

Dr. Inga Schmidt
Nelson, New Zealand 

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