Why should you listen to me about parenting?

I confess... I'm NOT a "natural" mother!

You know the type, they can do it all without thinking - just "naturally"! Well, not me... I admit I was totally clueless when faced with the daunting task of raising just one child, and I wanted lots!

So, I read every parenting book I could get my hands on and turned my family into a "research project".

Mom Has Fun - Nicole MacKenzie's Family - Parenting Tools
I watched to see what really worked and what didn't work when it comes to raising kids. I took loads of notes and kept refining and simplifying every tool, every technique.

And since I wasn't a "natural" mother, I had to constantly look more deeply into every situation to discover what was really going on. Plus, in order to teach other parents, I was forced to make everything clear and understandable to other "not natural" parents!

Now, I've been teaching my parenting classes for 20 years. My method has been thoroughly "field-tested" by thousands of parents and kids from all walks of life, from all over the world.

I know the Mom Has Fun Parenting Method works for every parent that applies it. And I absolutely guarantee that it can work for you!

A friend of mine said, "Nicole, you've got over 90 years of personal experience raising kids." "I'm not that old!", I protested. Then she explained... since I've got 6 kids (ages 10 to 22), that's how many 'kid/years' I've got into perfecting these parenting tools. So I now call it 90 years of day-in/day-out, on-the-job research!

More about Nicole Iselin MacKenzie:

Nicole Iselin MacKenzie was born in the Canton of Zug in Switzerland and grew up there. She obtained a Business Diploma, and then, after another four years study, graduated from the Ecole Hoteliere in Lausanne, with honours.

In 1986, Nicole went to the USA to study in the field of Human Potential, including Maslow’s theories of Self-Actualization; an area she had always been fascinated by. After four years of study, she graduated with a Degree in Education in the "Sage Learning Method".

At this point Nicole began to lead ‘Curiosity-based trainings’ in Europe & USA.

Today she is an expert in the field of human potential and peak performance.

In 1988, Nicole married Dr P.L. (Mick) MacKenzie. The following year their first child was born. As she held her precious gift in her arms, Nicole realized: ‘Actually,  I know absolutely nothing about raising a child!’ Her little daughter arrived without any ‘instructions manual’!  One thing was clear: she wanted their child to benefit from her new knowledge about the innate potential of every individual. Her research had a large target question:

How do I raise my child so that she can live to her full potential –
and so she is not constantly distracted by her emotions and illusions?

Following her own journey, Nicole became intent on assisting other parents stay curious about their child; while making sure they continue to have fun with parenting. She searched for interventions with the aim to increase the emotional intelligence and personal potential of each child.

With this in mind, Nicole developed her innovative and highly effective Mom Has Fun parenting method – authoring a book (Rule Number One: Mom has Fun), online classes and offline workshops of the same name.

Nicole and her husband, with their six children, live in Conters (Switzerland). They offer courses and lectures on Mom Has Fun and Self Actualization Learning Technology throughout Europe and the United States.
All their work deals with the basic theme: 

Living a magnificent life, maintaining all relationships with curiosity and fun?...  

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