Mom Has Fun - A simple system; fun and easy for parents and kids alike!

Why should 'Mom have fun'?
Listen to the short audio below as Nicole explains it's not about ignoring your kids, but enjoying your time with them and away from them!


Quit spending all your time and energy nagging or 'correcting' misbehaviour. Our innovative parenting method teaches you how to put a system in place that will naturally grow the behaviour you want.

Instead of putting a band-aid on the surface symptoms, you learn how to effectively handle the real issue - power struggles!

No big secret so far, right? But here's the truth...

Over 80% of existing parenting methods tell you: "Don't get emotionally engaged in power struggles with your children." But nobody really tells you exactly HOW not to get emotionally... until NOW!

We give you the map!

Just knowing what you want to do and where you want to go as a parent isn't enough! Just like any journey, you've got to be able to...maptools
- See clearly where you are at any given moment
- Have an accurate map of the territory
- Have the right tools to get you there safely.

This is just one of the ways where the Mom Has Fun Parenting Method is totally unique. Using our map and the basic tools of non-judgmental awareness and curiosity, you learn how to navigate and be effective in the World of Emotions.

This is a vital skill for successful parenting, since it is within this emotional world that all power-struggles are created and played out.

World of Sensation and Experience

We give you the secret map to the uncharted world of emotions, plus effective tools to get you where you really want to go!


The Worlds of Emotion & Sensation: 
The audio below describes the differences between these two systems: 


Now, look more closely at just one of these emotional 'pie slices'. All the emotions are related to each other in a spacific way! Even those we call 'positive' and those we call 'negative'.
Most people are either unaware of where they are on the emotional 'map', or, if they know, they don't have the tools to enable them to move to where they want to go!


So what?!

Well, your child, by the tender age of 12-18 months, is an expert at navigating this terrain!

And, although they can't explain it in words, they know exactly how to use emotions to manipulate... how to push your emotional 'buttons' and get what they want!

Get X-ray Eyes!

When you can't clearly see the 'game' that's being played, you are doomed to continue to react emotionally, and the power-struggle simply ramps up to a higher level. But learning the Mom Has Fun Parenting Method is like getting x-ray eyes - that clearly reveal the mystery of your child's behaviour!

With your 'new eyes', you can see clearly, and even appreciate the previously hidden manipulation games. And, more importantly, you can now keep from getting hooked into the power-struggle game! You can then respond effectively to everyday parent-child interacions... stress-free and while having fun!

What Mom Has Fun Parenting is NOT:
  • This is NOT a 'faith' based method. It is inherently compatible with all faiths, or even no faith. We leave those teachings totally up to you.
  • It is NOT important what country you live in, or your cultural background. The method works for all parents, everywhere, as long as you apply it consistently.
  • It does NOT require a particular family structure. Both parents living together, separate households, single parent families, working parents, mixed 'step' families, multi-generational families etc - all are OK!
  • Your children do NOT have to be in a particular age range in order to get started. Although, in my experience, the younger the child, the easier it is, it is never too late to start - even with teenagers.
  • It does NOT matter if your child is a certified genius or has severe learning disabilities. I have taught parents of children with a full range of abilities and disabilities, and it works for everyone. When you apply the method and use the tools, you will see dramatic improvement in your child's bahviour, no matter what.
  • It is NOT a cookie-cutter approach, where you have to treat every child alike or have exactly the same rules in your house as I do in mine. Please don't do that! Once you understand how to set your rules and how to enforce them, you set up exactly what you want for your unique household.
  • It does NOT even require that you be a parent! You can effectively use the method if you are a teacher, a caregiver, or even just interact with kids frequently (e.g. as grandparent, babysitter, teacher, or owner of a business in which kids are your customers).
  • Most importantly, it does NOT require you to 'sacrifice' your own wants and needs, or make your child's interests be the total focus of your life! In fact, we will teach you the opposite; how to get more of what YOU want at home!

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