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Fed up of whining and whinging in your home?
Make 'Whining' history by implementing these simple techniques... 
  • Are you tired of listening to your kids whine?
  • Worn out by constant whinging whenever your child doesn't get what they want?
  • Fed up of getting annoyed when the whining really grates on your nerves??

Mom Has Fun has the answer!

Recorded in a simple to follow and easy-to-understand style, Mom Has Fun provides you with the perfect solution to whining! watch and learn as our affordable video tool shows you how best to manage whining from any of your children - from toddlers to teenagers! Via the straightforward process, not only regain your own sanity, but improve your child's emotional intelligence too!



Developed by Nicole MacKenzie and based on the universal principles of teamwork, mutual respect, honest communication, non-judgmental awareness and curiosity, this amazing parenting method gives you a solid foundation for raising happy, self-confident, cooperative children using accountability and discipline - without punishment.


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