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120 Day Parenting Home Study Course

120 Day Parenting Home Study Course


Revolutionary Parenting Method - Home Study Course


This slow gradual approach is the simplest most effect way I know to implement Mom Has Fun Parenting in your own family. You are slowly guided over 120 days in exactly how to implement the new methods and tools within your family. The course is structured so that each lesson builds on the last. You learn the essential foundation and then move slowly on to implementing the system.

You get much more than just reading material. Included are various 'homework' assignments, exercises, observations, lists to make, etc. All are geared to build your awareness and deepen your learning. Everyone learns better by doing!

Just take a look at the course outline...

Lesson 1 - Taking Inventory

  • Mind dump, increasing awareness
  • Where do you focus?
  • Parenting styles, what's yours?
  • What's working?
  • What's not working?

Lesson 2 - The World of Emotions

  • Learn about the 'pristine operating system' and the 'emotional operating system'.
  • Get the map of where emotions 'live' in the body
  • Understand the "dimming process" that happens to all of us
  • Where do emotions come from?
  • How to deal with emotions more effectively
  • How does awareness and curiosity relate to emotions?
  • Giving immediate feedback

Lesson 3 - Kid's Manipulation Games

  • How kids use emotions to manipulate
  • How to assist your child in building a strong character and increasing their emotional intelligence
  • How to effectively point out the emotional games
  • Learning to respond and not react

Lesson 4 - Mom Has Fun - It's a Requirement!

  • A short history of parenthood
  • The 'giving too much' pitfall
  • Why having fun as a parent is absolutely essential
  • What is happiness? Your gifts and talents? Are they connected?
  • Your kids want you to be happy
  • What do you need to be happy?
  • What happens when you are happier?

Lesson 5 - Setting Boundaries and Consequences

  • Parenting as coaching not controlling - what's the difference?
  • The boundary exercise - why boundaries work
  • What's the difference between punishment and consequences?
  • What are the types of consequences and how are they used?
  • What's the real purpose of a consequence?
  • Having kids participate in and agree to the consequences
  • Setting the boundaries and consequences for your family

Lesson 6 - Conflict Resolution and Power Struggles

  • What really is a power-struggle?
  • Who wins a power-struggle?
  • How do power-struggles start?
  • The parent as Aikido master
  • What if you're the one that started it?
  • Tools to avoid and disarm power-struggles

Lesson 7 - Appreciate, Appreciate, Appreciate

  • Appreciation as an effective tool
  • When is it too much or not effective?
  • Honest appreciation
  • How and why to do an appreciation meeting
  • How to set up situation so feedback can be heard
  • Acknowledge what works
  • Appreciation is it's own reward

Lesson 8 - Building a Team

  • Creating the family as team where everybody is looking out for everyone else
  • The purpose of a team meeting and how to use them
  • The details of conducting a team meeting
  • Giving children responsibilities
  • Assisting the team
  • Team building exercises

Lesson 9 - Make Everybody Right, Welcome Mistakes

  • Expect and welcome mistakes
  • How do successful people deal with mistakes
  • Openness and honesty
  • Why mistakes are essential
  • Make everybody right, including yourself
  • How to coach children through their mistakes

Lesson 10 - Labels and Holding a Picture

  • The power of belief
  • How do you see your child?
  • Where is your main focus?
  • How do others see your child?
  • How does this impact your child's potential?
  • Create a commercial to introduce your child

Lesson 11 - Bringing Out the Brilliance of Your Child

  • What is your child's innate genius?
  • How does your child learn best?
  • How to discipline to support your child's genius
  • Common pitfalls that crush your child's genius
  • What are the keys to unlocking your child's genius?
  • Stimulate all intelligences
  • Where does emotional intelligence fit in?

Lesson 12 - Handling Outside Influences

  • How do kids change after interacting with other kids?
  • When they change, what do you do about?
  • How to deal with school or daycare problems
  • Relatives that spoil or do things very differently
  • How to deal with outside opinions and advice
  • Divorce, multiple households, merged families

The format of this unique home study course

Over the last 18 Years I've tried to figure out the most effective way to pass on the many years of research and development it took me to develop this system. I wanted to find the fastest and easiest way other parents could learn and benefit without having to do their own 18 years of research!

There's no way around it. Fundamental changes take time. I really want you to have awesome results with this system! But for that I need a bit more of your time so we can go slowly and take just one small step at a time. By having a 120-day home study course, you get a very satisfying way of learning that creates the greatest and most long lasting results.

Here's how the Mom Has Fun Parenting Home Study Course works...

  • 100% electronically delivered via email - All you need is an email address!
  • All lessons, tools, charts, etc. are delivered to your email inbox in the form of PDF files. If you don't have a PDF reader, it's easy to get one free.
  • Designed specifically to integrate easily into your busy family life.
  • The lessons and other materials are delivered to you gradually, all throughout the entire 120-day period. You learn slowly, one step at a time. Since you only have to learn a little bit of new information at each time, this helps you to not get overwhelmed and discouraged.
  • 100% self paced - Take longer if you want! You can take as much time as you like with each lesson. Even go on vacation if you wish to, and move on with the lessons when you are ready. There is no pressure from a parenting group or meetings to attend. Yet, if you do the homework and finish the class, we promise that you'll be successful and will achieve amazing results!
  • You will see immediate results from the first lesson, plus on-going results as you steadily progress through the lessons. Getting great results keeps you motivated and eager to learn more.
  • 100% your decision on how much time to spend on each lesson and when to do your homework.
  • Designed to help you stick with it. If you were to receive everything at once it would be all to easy to just glance at everything, set it aside and forget about it. When you know another lesson is coming, and it's divided into small easy steps, it is much easier learning and much more 'digestible'.
  • 100% private - There is nothing you have to send us. It's your personal and private homework, so you can be ruthlessly honest!
  • 100% support - If at any time you have some questions, just send us an email and we will answer as fast as possible. We have as much interest in your success as you do!
  • 100% repeatable at any time - at no extra cost! As your family grows and your children mature, your parenting challenges will change too. Once you have finished the course you will have built a strong foundation. Then as the kids grow, you can repeat the course as often as you like. Each time you do, you'll discover a whole new level of 'seeing' and become even more effective in your parenting.
  • No extra charge for your parenting partner! Do it together and you'll not only become much better parents, it will deepen and strengthen your relationship with each other!

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