Mom Has Fun - Parenting Book

Transform YOUR family into a happy, co-operative team &
make parenting FUN again!

  • Are you tired of power struggles with your kids?
  • Worn out by constant bickering and fighting between siblings?
  • Fed up of arguments and negotiations with your youngsters?

Mom Has Fun has the answer!

Written in an easy-to-read, easy to practise style, Rule Number #1 - Mom Has Fun E-book pdf offers effective, innovative techniques & resources that will REVOLUTIONISE your home life! 



Why should 'Mom have fun'?

Listen to the short audio below as Nicole explains it's not about ignoring your kids, but enjoying your time with them and away from them!


Developed by Nicole MacKenzie and based on the universal principles of teamwork, mutual respect, honest communication, non-judgmental awareness and curiosity, this amazing parenting method gives you a solid foundation for raising happy, self-confident, cooperative children using accountability and discipline - without punishment.

What you will learn...

  • How to increase your kids self-esteem, self-awareness, and self confidence.
  • How to raise your children to be curious, considerate, enthusiastic, responsible, and eager to contribute.
  • How to have fewer power struggles, temper tantrums and emotional games when interacting with your kids.
  • How to get your kids to behave without having to nag or punish them.
  • How to have a relationship with your children based on mutual respect and appreciation.
  • How to nurture your kids spirit, bring out their genius, and unlock their full potential - without spoiling them.
  • How to honor your own needs as a parent and avoid feelings of guilt and sacrifice.
  • How to have fun raising children!
To view the pdf e-book, which will be immediately accessible after payment, you will require Adobe Reader or equivalent software. To download Adobe Reader click here:  get_adobe_reader

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